“Wherever you are in the UK, I can get your house SOLD or RENTED more quickly by
House Doctoring  your property”

Q: WHAT IS HOUSEDOCTORING  ?? Successful house doctoring is all about making cost effective changes to the presentation of a property to get it sold or rented more quickly , and to enhance sale value or rental returns. It is essential the doctor can identify the typical buyer or tenant profile of the given property type, and can identify and eradicate  areas of “weakness” and “negativity”  in the  property, all of which will be offputting to the prospective customer.  This is why its vitally important to choose a House Doctor who has been in the business of selling and renting homes , and not come via a career in interior design. Its not about design, its about knowing who buys property and why. By following the doctors advice , and with a better presented home , the property will certainly sell or rent much more quickly , and will almost surely achieve a better price , by either actually increasing the asking price, or by reducing the likelihood of greatly reduced offers being made on the existing asking price. Net result to the client…..a faster sale and more money in their pocket.  Give the buyer or tenant what they want from your house, and they will give you more in sale or rental value, and reward you with a faster  sale or rental too.

Can you identify all areas of your home that need attention??  Do you and your partner differ on what should be done, if anything?  Don’t leave it to chance, consult an experienced expert.


Q: SO WHAT’S INCLUDED IF I USE YOUR SERVICE?  Typically, my personal home visit will be between 3 and 5 hours long, so allow a morning or afternoon of your time as you need to be there to hear and see what I am advising. Following our “introduction” chat, and a brief synopsis of your homes marketing experience to date ( ie , how long for sale or rent , how many viewings, how many agents instructed, what price reductions etc etc) the first 90 minutes or so, is taken up with me making a detailed room by room inspection , followed by  a good look at the exterior areas ( Gardens, garages, driveways etc) . During this initial inspection  I will comprehensively  note anything of merit needing attention, or anything which needs to be eradicated as it has been identified as being offputting to a buyer or tenant. During that time I will come up with creative and cost effective solutions to each problem area.

Once I have prepared my on site report, we sit down together whilst I go through detailed suggestions with you,  of what to change and how to change it, and to what degree of spend if necessary (note, not all things cost money, some  suggestions will be to  hide things, move things, remove things, cover things , tidy up !). During this comprehensive verbal report, if there is any confusion over any point, we can quickly visit the room or area in question to explain in detail further.

Within the verbal report, you will be shown  the “look and image” of what we are trying to achieve (i.e. if its changing door handles for example, I will show you example photos of the style best suited to your particular property in order to update the look)  and we will discuss the degree of spend for each item, with the emphasis on keeping costs to an absolute minimum… after all you wont be benefitting from them, only benefitting from attracting a buyer or tenant more quickly by having them!  Within my report, you will also be informed as to WHY we are recommended individual changes, and what effect it will have on your house. Some changes affect saleability or rentability, some will affect value and some will affect both. With my widespread experience, you will confidently learn what to do and equally importantly, what NOT to do! Often husbands and wives differ in their opinion on what will work and what will not, what needs money spent on to provide a return, and what will not. This is where my independent advice will prove invaluable.

The verbal room by room report at your home will take about 2 hours or so of your time, and after that I return to my office and your comprehensive typed house report will be prepared and sent to you within 3 working days. This report will follow, word for word, room by room, detail by detail the initial verbal report given at your house, and is typically 6-10 pages long , depending on property size and how much needed changing

And it doesn’t end there… you can contact me as many times as you need for advice or assistance as your works progress, or as marketing continues… and for free!

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PLUS for Investment Advice  : In addition to “classic” house doctoring,  like makeover or presentation advice  , I can also advise on  investment in your property in order to maximise future sale or rental values. For example, you may be considering extending your house, will probably know what you want out of your extension , but probably don’t know what subtle changes you could make to enhance accommodation created and greatly increase value . You may be happy with the architects plans and ideas, but have they considered the future value of your home in doing so ? In most cases the answer is NO. Its not their job, and they don’t understand the market. They don’t need to…and here is where my expertise will benefit you.

By either inspection of your property, architects plans  or sketches (or indeed just your own ideas) I can make significant alterations to ensure you not only get the house and accommodation you need BUT will have maximised saleability, rentability and value at the same time.


PLUS for Marketing Advice : Some so called house doctors I know of, do NOT have any sales or lettings experience. With over 34 years of experience in this field, I can offer totally impartial, independent advice on the suitability and effectiveness of the  past or current marketing of your property…..for example …Have you instructed the right agent? Have they highlighted all features of your house adequately? Is the write up in the brochure and on the internet “positive” enough, Do they make enough of a statement about your location and its advantages , have they taken enough photos to highlight the most saleable assets and are they of good enough quality, how often should you expect them to advertise your property, how much liaison or feedback are you receiving? I won many national awards whilst a practising estate agent, and know exactly what you should be experiencing from your agent.


PLUS for continual support : Once I have completed my written report to you, it doesn’t end there. You can contact me as often as you wish for continued support and advice throughout.

“All too often clients have differing opinions within the household about what best adds saleability and value, and on numerous occasions waste money on items of “improvement” which simply don’t make any difference at all , and all because they haven’t taken advice…… why guess when I can settle any debates and save you money !!

Simply ring or e-mail me for an appointment.

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